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01/19/2014Steve Whitney Unadorned Altar
Sunday Service Exodus 20:23-25
Exodus 20-23.doc Download Exodus 20-23.doc
Download 1-19-14.mp3
03/10/2013Steve Whitney A Godly Walk
Sunday Service 2 Timothy 2:19-22
Sermon Outline8.doc Download Sermon Outline8.doc
Download 3-10-13.mp3
11/24/2013Steve Whitney A Grateful Heart
Sunday Service Psalms 138
Psalm 138-1.doc Download Psalm 138-1.doc
Download 10-27-13(2).mp3
07/06/2014Steve Whitney Abigail: Wisdom Displayed
Sunday Service 1 Samuel 25:1-35
I Samuel 25-1.doc Download I Samuel 25-1.doc
Download 07-05-14.mp3
04/27/2014Steve Whitney Abraham: Complete Commitment
Sunday Service Genesis 22:1-14
Genesis 22-1.doc Download Genesis 22-1.doc
Download 04-28-14.mp3
07/13/2014Steve Whitney Absalom: Rebel With A Cause
Sunday Service 2 Samuel 14:23-33
II Samuel 14-23.doc Download II Samuel 14-23.doc
Download 7-13-14.mp3

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