Our History

Calvary Bible Church

On May 25, 1933, a group of people seeking to worship the Lord according to the dictates of their conscience met at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union rooms to consider the organizing of a formal congregation for the purpose of worship and fellowship.  Hugh Teeter was elected chairman; Charles Kyle, H. L. Upham, and J. A. Warman were asked to prepare a statement of purpose and beliefs.  Teeter secured the use of the Seventh Day Adventist Church building located at the corner of Okanogan and Spokane Streets for Sunday Services at a cost of $25 per month.  Thus, Calvary Bible Church, then called Calvary Independent Church, was established.

The first advertised church meeting was held June 4, 1933.  A formal organizational meeting was held September 21, 1933.  There were 149 people listed on the first membership roll. 

The Reverend Frank E. Beatty, the former pastor at Wenatchee First Presbyterian Church, was called as a supply pastor until the end of the year, at which time he was called to serve Calvary Independent Church as pastor, serving in that capacity for 22 years, completing 50 years of personal ministry.  The annual meeting held April 19, 1934 reported a recorded membership of 247.  On February 14, 1935, the congregation met to adopt a Church Constitution, By-Laws, Articles of Faith and a Church Covenant.  The formal adoption of these statements of faith and government was held at the annual meeting on May 2, 1935.

The April 11, 1940 annual meeting reported a church membership of 370, and a Sunday School enrollment of 250.  The largest one-time attendance at Sunday School during 1940 was 233.

In October 1940, the Trustees were authorized to incorporate as “Calvary Church of Wenatchee.”  A building committee was appointed and plans for a special Thanksgiving offering were launched.  On April 9, 1943, William Moss reported an option had been taken on property at 28 N. Delaware, where there was a fairly large house with two floors. The main floor was to be used as a sanctuary with the second floor being used for Sunday School classrooms.  Later, a large house belonging to the Weber family, located to the north of First Street, was purchased and used as a Sunday School building until it was sold in the spring of 1973.

In 1949, the original house was dismantled and the first section of our present building was constructed with many hours of donated labor.  The first section was paid in full on April 5, 1951.

With the resignation of Dr. Beatty on April 14, 1955, it became necessary to purchase a manse for the new pastor, the first manse being located at 104 N. Emerson.  Rev. Martin Stuck accepted the call to pastor at Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church and served until 1960 when he accepted a call to Lake City, Washington.  It became necessary to hold two A.M. services each Sunday under Rev. Stuck’s ministry.

With the coming of Rev. Calvin Harrah in August of 1960, a larger manse was purchased to house the Harrah family and their eight children.  Due to growth of membership, plans for a new sanctuary were made in April 1961.  The new sanctuary was dedicated Christmas day of 1963, again the result of many hours of donated labor by church members.  Rev. Harrah announced his resignation from Calvary Bible Church in June 1966, having been accepted to serve as mission pastor for Youth for Christ International in Germany.

In June 1967, Rev. Hilton Jarvis came to serve as pastor, a    capacity he successfully filled until July 17, 1977 when he accepted a call to Harbor Trinity Baptist Church in Costa Mesa, California.  The educational wing became a reality during March, 1972, and was ready for use by January, 1973.  This provided space for nursery facilities, Sunday School classrooms and a library.  Approximately 5,000 hours of donated labor were given by the men and women of the church.

On September 15, 1977, Rev. Daniel Pulliam was called to serve as pastor and served until January 13, 1979.  Rev. Vern Snyder was called to serve beginning March 2, 1980 and served until April 28, 1985.  On January 8, 1986, Rev. Tim Wilbur came to serve as pastor and did so until November 20, 1988.

Formerly a missionary supported by this church, Rev. Don Rutledge was called to serve as pastor of Calvary Bible Church on November 1, 1989, and served until May 1996.  Since September 15, 1996, Stephen Whitney, who had served 10 years as a United States Army Chaplain, has lead the flock at the corner of First and Delaware.

Today, more than seventy years since its founding, Calvary Bible Church still stands as a spiritual light in the Wenatchee area.  In an age when many churches have compromised the gospel and abandoned God’s holy Word, Calvary Bible Church still stands on the authority of God’s Word, the Bible, and believes it holds the answers to today’s problems.

Jesus Christ will always be our one foundation.